Our minds create stories based on our past, our past conditioning. How we see the world is likewise dependent upon our past history. It’s sort of like we don’t even have a choice about our beliefs…as they get dictated by the past. 

Is that true? What if we do have a choice? 

What would it take for you to see what is driving you and then make a choice about the road or path you are on, and the one you are about to take?

Today at the gym, someone said “oh boy the upcoming olympic games are going to be a hotbed for terrorist activity. She have this ship here, that ship there…ready to air lift people out of Russia!” On and on and I said NOT IN MY WORLD! 

So yes, maybe something will happen, maybe it won’t. But for me, it hasn’t happened and it’s not on my radar. 

I feel at peace with the idea that the Olympics are all about Oneness…worldwide, cultural oneness. I’m ready and preparing for that. 

I’m not talking about “positive thinking” although I do think pretty positively. I’m talking about seeing, feeling, being at peace with others. 

I’m choosing not to do the WE-THEY thing, but rather the more inclusive “US” thing. I see the commonalities, not the differences. I’m going inside to my God-space and that is where peace comes. 

Where do you find your peace? crrelationshiplauraphoto (64)


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