Thank you for signing up for the Newsletter and for the Audio on How to Create REAL Intimacy Interview with Founder of Relationship Coach Institute David Steele shows some vital keys to forgiveness and intimacy. Lori get’s very real and very personal, talking about her own divorce, intimacy and triggered issues, and how she was able to heal her own situation with Forgiveness. 

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Class – Removing Barriers to Intimacy through Forgiveness Teleclass

A 90 minute webinar-teleclass created and developed ONLY for Unbounded Potential Listeners and Partners who are ready to step up, play big and create the Relationship that you’ve always dreamed of having. While it’s easy to connect intimacy with sex, there’s an even deeper level of intimacy that can be reached. 

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Audio #1 Dump Your Baggage Audio Class where Lori specifically talks about different kinds of baggage, how when you are hurt you literally add another piece of baggage to your repertoire and what it takes to clear the baggage out. The scary thing is, behavior follows patterns – so if you don’t take the time to shed your baggage, you are destined to have the same fights, and create the same unhappy relationships time-and-time again. Changing this pattern is easier than you think. Lori shows you how.

Audio #2 Forgiveness and Boundaries Short Audio Class where Lori teaches you how to decide whether boundaries are needed, how to know whether your boundaries are being violated, 5 things to keep in mind when setting boundaries and finally how to set up your own boundaries. This class is not just about how to say no, but how to honor yourself AND your relationship. Lori teaches that “Forgiveness does not require anyone to be a doormat.” 

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