The first step in the living with forgiveness process is to acknowledge the TRUTH or the REALITY of the situation. It is from that place, from the place of truth, that we really heal. 

Please listen to the story above about a woman who suffered hurt, sadness, regret for 10 or 12 years because she made assumptions and did not speak her truth…if she just asked her daughter one important question, it would have brought peace to 3 generations, it would have allowed her to not miss time with her progeny, and the trajectory of her life literally would have been different. 

What I forgot to say is that she ended up with stage 4 cancer and had to learn how to speak up to literally heal herself. Sometimes those gifts, the gifts of healing and forgiveness, come from difficult places. It’s always our choice to speak up earlier, so if there is anything I’d like you to take away it is to speak up sooner rather than later. 


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