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Top Ten Tips for Having
a Fantastic Relationship

1. Love and accept yourself first. Only then can you fully love and accept your mate. 

2. When it comes to your partner, always take responsibility for your own actions, responses and feelings. Even when he/she does something you don’t like, recognize that feeling hurt or angry is your own choice. 

3. Know what your absolute requirements are in a relationship. Do NOT ignore them or believe they’ll be met later. If an absolute requirement is NOT being met, and you can not get it met, get out. 

4. Know your boundaries and practice them on a regular basis, not only in your love relationship, but in all your relationships. Respect your partner’s boundaries too. 

5. Use the Magic Communication Words:
Listening tell me more, what else, is there something you would like me to do? Be curious about what your partner has to say.
Talking I love you, ask do you understand? When you want something, say, I have a request, this is what I need to make me happy. 

6. Know each other’s dreams and aspirations, support them, be each other’s cheerleader! 

7. Forgive the other person on a regular basis. Do NOT hold on to hurt or anger. Do not use a past incident against your partner, unless it is part of a real ongoing problematic pattern that you need to point out. 

8. If you have expectations of your partner, you are sure to be disappointed. Release the expectations and concentrate only on what you can do or change. 

9. Men, listen empathetically to your woman without trying to solve her problems and women, let your man know that you appreciate him regularly. 

10. Become playmates. Find some activities that you really love to do together and do them frequently. Be romantic and passionate and fun and exciting. Not only will you have a great relationship, you’ll live a longer-healthier life!