• If shame and guilt are tearing you up, and you just can't let go of your past, this intensive one month forgiveness coaching will help you dive deep into your soul and finally release the pain you've been holding in.
  • This is a 3 month commitment journey to finding forgiveness...and while we may start with your ex, we will certainly work on ALL unforgiveness in your life, including forgiving yourself!
  • Sometimes, we just feel stuck in anger, hurt, frustration, bitterness, even guilt or shame, and we just can not see another perspective. Forgiveness coaching helps you to start seeing a new perspective, to see your situation with new lenses. This is for a one (1) time session. For many, that is all you need!
  • You will have access to 28 days worth of lessons and insights on how to forgive. It's a self-regulating journey.
  • Discover 15 secret tips to enhance your relationship just by understanding what the other person wants, how to make him happy, how to get your own needs met, plus listen to a class where Lori teaches women lessons about dealing with men, with love and compassion. You can listen to the answers that many women have about dealing with the men in their lives.
  • Yep. Women are confusing. But I make it simple to understand what they really want. This audio is very specific about simple changes you can make that will truly change your life... and the women in your life will be so thankful you took the time to listen and learn.
  • Tao Meditation - learn some common themes from the ancient wisdom of Lao Tsu Pathway back to you will help you connect with your inner spirit, your higher self  
  • In the privacy of your own home, learn and develop the skills you need to put yourself in the best position to begin dating.

    This is NOT a "how to catch him" or a "how to manipulate her to get what I want" kind of package. There are no games. This is for people who want to love and be loved for who they are.

    The audio downloads are instructional and process-oriented, and include excerpts from classes I currently teach. You will also have the opportunity to listen in on various live classes and see how others deal with important issues, plus learn directly from me how to be the BEST you can be in relationships.