I was listening to the news this morning about the 2 football players from Vanderbilt that were found guilty of rape. But it wasn’t just rape (is there such a thing as just rape?)The girl was passed out, they did horrible horrible horrible things to her, one even peed on her and said “that’s for 300 years of slavery you bitch!” Fox news prints an article feeling sorry for the guys who had such successful futures!

On a TV news channel 3 people are debating whether young people at college these days are more prone to rape and violence than they were in the past? Are you serious? Did any of these reporters go to college?

I was in college from 1978 – 1982 and we were trying to arrange for a group of men to be called on to walk women out of classes at night because they were getting raped! Are you serious? This is the problem throughout all the ages. Men rape women and young men in college get away with it.

Not anymore. The internet and social media make this a small world. We know about it now, and these idiots with bright futures videoed their actions on their i-phones and sent texts to cover it up.

A young woman raped at U of O by basketball players is suing the university claiming, “UO delayed taking any action on the sexual assaults for over two months while it prioritized winning basketball games over the health, safety and welfare of its students, including plaintiff.” They even gave a scholarship to one man who had been dismissed from his prior school for sexual assault.

I hate sports. I hate the money and the excitement over sporting events. I hate that rape and sexual assault seems to go hand in hand with the huge egos of the players.

And I am glad that finally colleges are taking responsibility for the students on their campuses, even if it’s just to Cover their Asses from lawsuits.

As long as young girls and women get raped and assaulted, there is no peace. So, as a forgiveness teacher you might ask the question, Lori…what about forgiveness? Here is what I say, safety always comes first, no matter what. Safety first, forgiveness second. Yes, there are those who can forgive instantly, and I certainly admire those people. But for the rest of us average folk, we need to feel a sense of safety and security before we can go to the higher spiritual levels of forgiveness.

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