Writing Your Memoirs with International Best-selling author Corinne L. Casazza


What is your legacy? What do you hope to leave behind? What experience do you have? How can you help people? Do you have great stories explaining this?

If you’ve been contemplating any or all of the above, you might choose to write your memoirs.


This is part of our monthly Legacy Journey Product series.

Let empowered author Corinne L. Casazza share her wisdom for writers. These techniques will help you get started writing your memoirs and keep writing.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Tools and techniques to get you started writing and keep you writing
  • How limiting beliefs about writing are like a boa constrictor (and how to let them go)
  • The importance of synchronicities or why Iron Man showed up in hot yoga
  • The heart-breath meditation for writing
  • How to create and adhere to a writing schedule