Transformational Coaching: 3 sessions in 1 month


When we just need some coaching, whether it’s to accomplish a goal or to do some inner work, 3 months of coaching can literally transform your life!

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Coaching with LoriPCC_WEB
(By telephone, skype or in-person)

Transformational Coaching: Lori is skilled at the transformational work that comes with desiring personal growth and spiritual growth. Maybe something huge happened recently like your world was rocked or shattered to its foundation. OR you might be seeking answers to questions such as “who am I? What is my Passion? How can I really live my dreams and still pay the bills?” OR it might be “how do I take my business to the next level?” “Should I start dating again and if yes, what should I do to start?”

If you are shaking your head YES…then this is it! The time is now…what are you waiting for? As your personal life coach, I hold you big… knowing that you can live your life in bliss, doing exactly what you are meant to do, rather than according to all those “shoulds” that are placed upon you by others.

Most clients will work with Lori from 3-6 months, and then come back on an “as-needed” schedule. The goal of coaching is self-empowerment, not co-dependency. Coaching is all about taking charge of your own life, and Lori’s guidance will help you find and stay on track!

$333 monthly for 3 one-hour sessions/month (save $27/month) when paid monthly.