Transformation Through Forgiveness 28-Day Ecourse


You will have access to 28 days worth of lessons and insights on how to forgive. It’s a self-regulating journey.


You know that holding onto hurt, anger or resentment is bad for you, yet you just can’t seem to get rid of it? Furthermore, you know that you need to forgive but you just don’t know how?

Forgiveness is like manna from heaven – it feeds your soul and brings you peace.

We hold onto all this pain, naively believing that if we forgive, we somehow condone the behavior or let someone off the hook. As the saying goes, “It’s like drinking the poison, hoping someone else will die.”

They don’t die, but the hurt, anger and resentment destroys us, the person holding onto it. Even though you KNOW it’s not healthy to hang on to it, you just might feel like it is impossible to let go.

Enter Transformation through Forgiveness!

This course will help you literally change the habit of unforgiveness. You will learn how to let go of the stress and see life in a different way. In 28 easy lessons, you will literally transcend the hurt and anger and find the peace you deserve.

Dear Lori:
Just wanted you to know how much your Forgiveness Course has helped me coming to terms with the behavior of a close relative of mine. The great thing about this course was that it forced me to ask myself some serious questions why I found it so difficult to forgive that person. Some of the questions are hard but necessary. I was able to admit that I felt I could not forgive until that person had apologized to me. Well – I managed to forgive her even though I know she will probably never apologize, and this realization has brought me peace and emotional calmness anytime I think about her. I highly recommend your book or e-mail course to all who have issues in their lives which trouble them.”  Edith Carter, Roseburg, Oregon

“The forgiveness program enabled me to learn that forgiveness is not necessarily about condoning someone’s actions or behavior, but it is about accepting those behaviors and moving on from them. This was a profound discovery for me, as I had the misperception that forgiving someone meant I was allowing them to behave in that manner or excusing them from their behavior. I was stuck in my inability to forgive, and the person it hurt the most was myself. Now it is easier for me to release my anger and resentment by forgiving.”   Tracey McGilvray, Sedona, AZ