Soul Regression Therapy – In-between-life


An in-between life regression can be a tool of energetic healing. We literally go to the 5th dimension or beyond, where we can discover who we are as a soul, even learn who your primary soul mates are and what your purpose, as a soul, is here on earth. Many people heal past life traumas and karmas.

Note: A past life regression is a prerequisite for this session.

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Soul Regression Therapy
(In-person only)

As a certified Soul Regression Therapist with the International Between Lives Regression Network, Lori believes that we are spirit, we are souls coming to earth to have a human experience, and that it is through these lifetimes of incarnations that our souls grow and gain wisdom.

A Regression can:

1. Help you speed up your soul development by giving you a clear understanding of your life purpose
2. Help you move into alignment with the values of love, spirit, compassion, wisdom, acceptance and faith.
3. Help you understand that things are the way they are meant to be by showing you the greater meaning behind your relationships and personal circumstances.
4. Help you answer the BIG questions, why you are here, what your life purpose is, why you chose your parents, children, spouses and what you are supposed to learn from all these experiences.
5. Explain and literally heal phobias, confusion, physical pain, life-long patterns that do not serve us, and many fears and triggers that our rational minds can not explain or understand.
6. Heal and answer questions that years of talk therapy simply can not touch. Our rational minds just can not know that we are afraid of water because we drowned in a prior life.

We learn that we are not alone. That we have a guide (or a few guides) who love us unconditionally. We experience that love.

An in-between life regression can be a tool of energetic healing. We literally go to the 5th dimension or beyond, where we can heal past life traumas and karmas. Imagine knowing who you truly are, as a soul, who your primary soul mates are, what your soul archetype is, and knowing that you are in fact on the right path, and knowing what is important about your life right now. I can tell you that often people are reminded, and it’s a good reminder, that our career, what we do is not as important as who we are being. Intellectually we might already know that, but getting this information from the spirit world is a whole other matter.

(Please note an In-between Life Regression can only be done after someone has experienced a past life regression.)