Forgive Your Ex – Leave the pain of the divorce behind!


This is a 3 month commitment journey to finding forgiveness…and while we may start with your ex, we will certainly work on ALL unforgiveness in your life, including forgiving yourself!

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Forgive Your Ex and Leave the Divorce Behind – When the time is right, and you are ready to release your hurt, anger and frustration, as well as the need to be right in exchange for finding and feeling more peace in your life, this 3 month process is waiting for you. We will speak 3 times/week for 3 months…let the healing begin!

There is a process and it will take work. Divorce can in fact be your greatest gift.

Using the Transcending Divorce method, you will find clarity you need to take charge of your life once again.

In this 3 month healing journey, you will learn:

1. How to let go of blaming your ex and feeling like a victim by creating a new vision with more empowering perspectives.
2. How to deal with the loss of future dreams.
3. How to change the way you view your marriage and divorce.
4. How to change the way you view the effects the divorce has on your children, as well as skills on how to help your children through the transition.
5. How to embrace your future
6. How to forgive your ex, your family, friends, and even children. The truth is, divorce is a process that affects everyone in your life and you will receive tools to help you handle others.
7. How to take personal responsibility for your piece in the breakup as well as learning how to forgive yourself.
8. How to view your marriage and divorce from a higher spiritual perspective and come into pure acceptance of your situation.

$997 when paid in full, or $450/month (The book, Transcending Divorce: A Guide for Personal Growth and Transformation is included as my gift to you!)