Gremlins and Gratitude


A set of 2 classes to teach you to release the negative self-talk that leads to stress that can ultimately lead to bodily illnesses. 


We now know that chronic stress causes illness, but what causes that chronic stress? While we can not delete all stress from our lives, nor would we want to, we can change our thoughts and our perception of our thoughts. Getting rid of bitterness, anger, hurt is a good start. But that takes practice. Join Lori for 2 classes that will teach you how to identify those thoughts, give you practical steps to diminish the thoughts, and you will be given time to practice in between the 2 sessions. 

May 1st and May 8th. 5pm pacific, 6pm mountain, 7pm central, 9pm eastern

These will be recorded in case you need to miss a class

You will be given an option to join by internet or by telephone.