Divorce Healing – 3 to 6 month journey to recovery


Divorce Coaching is powerful and will move you towards healing within 6 months! You will meet with Lori 3 times/month, work through the Transcending Divorce Workbook, and find peace with your situation. $450/month for personalized divorce coaching.

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What is included in The Divorce Healing System?

Personalized one-on-one coaching with Lori 3 times/month, for at least an hour/session, by telephone or skype, for personal coaching that will lead you through the 7 step Divorce HEALING process:

  1. Holistic Assessment
  2. Exhaustion and Energy Drains Addressed
  3. Acceptance and Self-Discovery
  4. Liberation from old thinking, belief and action patterns
  5. Integrating a life of Integrity and Inspired Actions
  6. Non-stop passion and personal development
  7. Growth and Emergence of your new ‘transcended’ self

In 6 months, you will definitely start feeling more peace in your life, your emotional health and relationship with your children will be more positive, you will release feelings of anger, hurt, shame and guild and you will have a clearer picture of your financial security.

Lori has been seen divorce from every angle and can help you find peace in your divorce.

NOTE: not everyone can get there in 6 months, and we will discuss how this applies to you in our first meeting.

See https://lorirubenstein.com/divorce-coaching/ for full complete information.

$450/month for 3 sessions. Lori also has a 3 month special for $997. Just ask!

If you are not ready to sign up for 3 or 6 months of coaching, start by signing up for one session right now with Lori: Lori’s Calendar