Discovering Authentic YOU Teleclass/Webinar


Authentic YOU class will help you discover your passions and motivations, and will give you the insight you need to direct your own life in a positive, healthy way. These insights can literally change your life. This is a simple and powerful way to truly understand yourself, and others.

Product Description

Discovering the Authentic YOU: A Simple and Powerful way to understand yourself (and others)

star-new This program will help YOU to discover why you do what you do and act how you act, and how you can concentrate your efforts on what really motivates you. That is where you will find true success. The first class will discuss your assessment.

In the second class we will discuss the homework you will do that will give you even more insight into YOU and you will leave the class with your own personal mission statement. You will learn a great deal about yourself in these two classes. AND you’ll be able to explain yourself better, with more clarity, to your loved ones. AND you will have a new focus in your career and how you accomplish things.

NOTE: You will be responsible for an extra $25 payment to the assessment website I send you to.

2 Night Class

Monday and Wednesday, January 25th and 30th

4:30 pacific, 5:30 pm mountain, 6:30 central, 7:30 eastern

By Phone 

$97 for both classes