One-Time Decision-Making Coaching Session


Sometimes we just need a little help sorting things out, and as a focused, holistic coach, I can help you do that.

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Decision-Making Coaching Sessions: There are times in life when we just need guidance from someone who is unbiased and can help us see our lives from a higher perspective. That’s where Lori comes in.

These personal single sessions can help you see all the ramifications and options to help you make important decisions such as:

1. Do I stay married or start thinking about divorced.
2. Do I stay with the person I am dating or leave.
3. How do I deal with my parents, children, co-workers, boss, professor, etc.
4. What career path would be best for me right now?

Please recognize that all your problems and questions may NOT be solved in one session so you may need multiple sessions. We can discuss this on your first call.