Healing Stress with Forgiveness

Learn what stress is, how it hurts your body, what you can do to lessen stress, and how forgiveness enhances your immune system and counter-balances the harmful effects of stress.

12. Gratitude and Forgiveness

  In this extra-long segment (24 minutes) you will not only learn about why it is so important to feel gratitude, have a gratitude practice, and why it is step 4 in the Living with Forgiveness process, but you will also EXPERIENCE the gift of Gratitude with a meditation at the end of

11. Forgiving Politicians

  Learn how any situation can be used as a change for positive, even our frustration with politicians! In this teaching I reveal a huge ah-ha that I had that literally changed how I can be with my family. Now I have to say that I am grateful for the frustration I felt

Class 9 On Being Right and Forgiveness

How the Ego and need to be right sabotages forgiveness. And why giving up the need to be right is one of the best things you can do for your relationship.

Class 8 Forgiveness 101

Going through the complete 4-step living with forgiveness process – Acceptance, Personal Responsibility, Gifts/lessons, Gratitude.

Class 1 – Building Forgiveness Muscles

Learn how world peace starts with inner peace. Find out how to forgive and build your forgiveness muscles with Lori’s 4-step Living with Forgiveness Process.