iStock_000003777068_ExtraSmallLori is an expert in helping people navigate through their pain and come out the other side.

As a divorce attorney turned relationship coach I learned that things are not always the way we perceive them to be. In other words, I learned that we need more flexibility in the way we deal with each other in our relationships. I love to see people giving up their “poor me” story and exchange it for something more empowering.

My passion is teaming up with people who are going through tough transitions and are willing to do the personal growth work necessary to make changes. Whether you find yourself alone after a hurtful breakup or death of a spouse, find yourself in a new love relationship, or another difficult life transition such as job loss, relocation, becoming a blended family or find yourself seriously seeking your life purpose, personal coaching or a past life regression can help. And let’s be honest, sometimes we just plain ole need some support to get us through day to day living! In fact, many CEOs, top executives, and famous people use coaches regularly to balance success and their personal lives.

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If you need extra help with managing stress or a crisis situation, I am here to help. Go to the Helpful Tools page to sign up for personal coaching.