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Radio Interviews: 

Love Wide Awake…teleseries interview with Karen Anderson. Lori get’s real about love, marriage, divorce and how important forgiveness is in all long term relationships. 


Here is an interview with Gavriel Shaw from the UK on Authentic Living: Talking about Integrity and how to develop a great relationship AFTER divorce:

 Spirit of Ma’at interview about spiritual ramifications of divorce vs. staying together. Diane Cooper interviews Lori


Lori’s very personal interview about Freedom from Abuse with Kaleah on Dispelling the Myths Radio Show  


Forgiving the Unforgivable…another wonderful interview with Kaleah LaRoche of Sedona Talk Radio where we get real about the topic of forgiveness, and personal about our own forgiveness journeys 


Dr. Jackie Black interviews Lori on her program, Just Between Us…where we discuss forgiveness in intimate personal relationships. 


Sarah McLean, Sedona’s Leading Meditation Expert interviews Lori on what she does to stay grounded and in-tune with Spirit 


Fellow Forgiveness Teacher Eileen Barker hosts Lori to talk about Transcending Divorce, Mediation and of course, Forgiveness    

 Interview on Sky Radio on making the Choice to Change



Here is an interview from an Interview with Sandie Seeberger from in 2015 about Forgiveness


Archived Radio Shows – Journey from the Heart on Sedona Talk Radio


Journeys from the Heart…Embracing the Path Back to Love! traverses the murky ground of finding yourself and getting ready for a new spiritual partnership after a major heart breaking experience. 

Lori brings her own special gifts of compassion, humor, intuition and intellect, combined with grounded, sound advice. Lori has been told she’s the compassionate female side of Dr. Phil with her just get real, “here’s the deal”, style. In addition to fabulous topics that will move you from heart-break and confusion to understanding the spiritual side of relationships, you will feel more inspired to step out there and find love again. Lori interviews visionary guest speakers who will empower listeners.            

Here are 3 Sample Radio shows for you to enjoy:    Boundaries and the Overload Syndrome:


Watch out for those red flags!


Dating Strategies: Don’t let past hurts interfere with your future happiness



Designing YOUR Dream Marriage Begins with Daily Doses of Forgiveness:—Get-Your-Finances-and-Life-Back-on-Track! 


Your Tango Articles         

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Divorce: The Gift that keeps on Giving… series:

Fabulous Sex After 50

Sex and Power, Power and Sex

How to Date and NOT Lose Yourself Feature Article

Interviews about Lori: 

Almost 2 years of shows featuring Lori herself and interviewing many other guests:

2012 Forgiveness Book is Released – Sedona, AZ Book Signing

Interview with Lori on Messenger Mini-books on writing her book, Freedom from Abuse before the book was written

Announcement of EEA award for NAWBO – Lori as Trailblazer of the Year

New book, Wake Up Live the Life You Love book Release and Signing

Interview with Lori on Healthy Relationship Tips

Article about Lori and Brenda Adelman’s Transformation Through Forgiveness Workshop