Nana and Me

Your Legacy Journey

Becoming a grandmother has changed me in more ways than I ever could imagine. I guess one never thinks growing up that they too will be old like a grandma. One one level, there is that bonding, deep deep love… the love to the moon and back kind of love. But there is something else, perhaps more visceral, that feeling of continuity, of remembrance and envisioning. 

Do you remember what your grandparents taught you? Your parents… lol, I know, we all have so many stories of exceptional and awful parents! But maybe between the generations, we, the baby boomer generation, took a step out of our generational dysfunctions for the better. Maybe not. But the one constant through all the generations, I imagine, is that we want, we long for, a better future for our child and our children’s children. 

My passion has always been healing the past so we can enjoy what we have, right now. And, I will continue to do that. However, I want to take the next step with you and help you answer some of life’s most pressing questions when we get to a certain age. 

  • What are the conversations you need to have so you find peace before you leave this earth plane?
  • How would you best like to be remembered?
  • If you had that magic wand and could make the world, your family, community a better place, what would that be?