Below please find a few Legacy videos that might help you find valuable resources, whether it’s help writing your memoirs, a legacy letter, dealing with a health crisis or relationship issues.

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Each month we hope to bring community together to discuss various issues that are important and that we are a little nervous about discussing. Enjoy this 1 hour class where we start myth busting about our fears about aging. We can really make a difference in the world as we work on the inner self. As Sandy Mauck, founder of Life’s Third Trimester says, “we are constantly evolving, activities no longer define us and our ego starts thinning.” 


I’m pleased to introduce Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC talking about The 3 Universal Truths Couples Living with Illness Should Know. 

Dr. Jackie is a marriage educator and Board Certified Coach, serving Couples Facing Life-Threatening and Chronic Illness and the creator of the 7-Week, Self-paced, Online Program Couples Daring to Live Well (with illness) Program™, and the 3-Day Private Destination Retreat Couples Daring to Live Well (with illness) Retreat™, serves private clients, and is an author, speaker and frequent guest expert on summits, podcasts and radio throughout the world.