I woke up this morning to an article documenting a couple days in one reporter’s life on the hatred and rise of antisemitism. While on one hand you can say, of that’s just France, where there is always a fight of some kind, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. If you are interested, here is the article. Now we, here in the US, are stopping our support of Israel by not sending them arms, while wealthy countries such as Qatar supplies Hamas with weapons.

That is why it is so important to me that we speak up for the Yazidi’s. A group I never heard of, Christians in Iraq who are dying, well, being slaughtered actually, for being Christian and not Muslim.

We live in scary times. Please talk up about what is happening. When a black child in America is killed as a result of white fear, speak up. When a racist, anti-semitic or homophobic remark is made, please speak up. We need to practice peace as we are so used to practicing war/fighting.

You’ve heard me talk about building our forgiveness muscles, we also need to build our peace muscles. We need to be brave and speak up. 6 million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust as a result on one man, they were killed because the world stood by. We call these people bystanders. Bystanders allowed it to happen. We need to NOT be bystanders while genocide of the Yazidi’s takes place.

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