Welcome participants of the Jazzed Up with Judy Summit!

I am thrilled to give you the complete audio package:

The Path to Healthy Passionate Relationships (including the one with YOU) Starts with Forgiveness

“Successful couples will tell you, forgiveness is one of the most important components of healthy relationships. And we know healthy boundaries create healthy relationships. Together, you have a winning combination!” Lori Rubenstein, JD, CPC

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Audio # 1

Deepening Intimacy Through Forgiveness…Interview with David Steele from Relationship Coaching Institute

Audio #2

Love Wide Awake interview with Karen Anderson: Flex Your Forgiveness Muscles to Create Passionate Relationships

Audio #5

Relieving Stress through Forgiveness Class

Audio #7

Self-Love as a Mastery Skill for Forgiveness

Audio #8

Forgiveness Meditation (Lori at Unity)


 I hope you really enjoy all 8 audios! If you would like a special coaching or forgiveness session with me, just write to me at lori@lorirubenstein.com

I wish you all the best on your journey back to love, peace and healing!

Lori Toss your baggage and start building your forgiveness muscles

Remember, Forgiveness and letting go…the first step towards healing!