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Transcending Divorce

I am committed to bringing you quality advice and to assist you to explore all your options during this difficult moment in your life.

My belief is that Divorce can be a Gift. Yes, I mean it, a Gift!

I can help you figure out how you can step into this new perspective and take control back over your life.

As a professional with over 35 years as a Divorce Attorney, Mediator, Coach and Divorce Coach Teacher, I also bring the perspective as a child of divorce with multiple stepparents, and having gone through my own divorce, you will find I walk my talk with integrity and the ability to holistically coach you through the process.

Transcending Divorce - What is Divorce Coaching?

What is Divorce Coaching?

Decision making during a divorce is tough. Divorce Coaching helps you get through one of life’s toughest transitions. If you are looking into ways to resolve your divorce peacefully, it’s good you’ve found your way here.

In weekly coaching calls, I will help you gain clarity about whether you need to divorce, support you to speak up to get your needs met, help you develop new perspectives about your situation, and most importantly, help you progress from a victim mentality to taking charge of your life.

Transcending Divorce - Divorce Coaching - Trust

I can assist you with parenting and how to step into a new relationship with your former spouse. Ultimately, the goal is to be financially and emotionally stable, allowing yourself to trust again, and to raise healthy, happy children.

This photo is the result of a choice, a choice I made over 20 years ago to forgive and to put our children first. Now as grandparents, we are ex-spouses and new spouses, even ex-in-laws, all loving and appreciating the celebration of the new baby’s 1st birthday.

I’m honored to help you with your choices today, so you can meet your future goals.

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Lori Rubenstein - Divorce Mediation


There is a choice in how to divorce. The courtroom is a place where everyone loses. There are financial and emotional losses. I was part of that legal system for 18 years, and I can guarantee you it is no place for a family who wants to remain fairly healthy.

Mediation allows you to take responsibility for the future.

Most mediators consider mediation successful if an agreement is reached. I want more for you.

Mediation with me is the first step for you to be able to effectively co-parent after your divorce.

If you have children, my job is to make sure that:

I was totally unprepared for the avalanche of emotions that were released when facing the end of my twenty year marriage. I was really frightened and overwhelmed by all the changes that I had to make and by how it would affect the lives of my children.

Fortunately, a friend told me about Lori and how she helped coach people through the process.

Once I started working with Lori, and doing the assignments she gave me from her book, Transcending Divorce, I turned a huge corner. From my very first conversation with Lori, I knew she “got it.” Lori listened attentively, with compassion, but also with the conviction that along with all the challenges, there was a profound opportunity. I could move into a new place, and emerge into a more whole me. It didn’t take long before I began to see my situation in a larger perspective and appreciate the real growth and acceptance that it brought into my life. Thank you Lori!”
Alice D., Scottsdale, AZ
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