Date(s) - 01/25/2017 - 01/30/2017
5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Discovering the Authentic YOU: A Powerful Way to truly understand yourself and others

star-new This program will help YOU to discover why you do what you do and act how you act, and how you can concentrate your efforts on what really motivates you. That is where you will find true success.

Before the first class, you will take an “assessment survey” and you will print out the results for the first class. We will talk about the information you’ve gathered about yourself, your ah ha’s, insights, etc.

For years, I’ve worked with clients to understand who they are through their values and the rules they set for their lives. What I find is that many are harsh with themselves, from perfectionist thinking, “shoulding” themselves, to even more self-destructive thinking. We want to STOP the inner abuse and really focus on something else.

I discovered that I myself spent years trying to “fix” what was wrong with me, rather than concentrating on what was right! Through this process, I will show you just how much is RIGHT ON, and you can then discover how to really focus on this part of your journey, strengthening what is “right.” (Of course, there is no right and wrong…good and bad…we are who we are and we can appreciate that, make changes, or just suffer through the litany of “I’m not good enough!” Perhaps you are tired of that litany too?

Between the 2 classes, you will be given some homework that will deepen the process.

In the second class we will discuss the homework and you will leave with even more insight into YOU, as well as having your own personal mission statement. You will learn a great deal about yourself in these two classes. AND you’ll be able to explain yourself better, with more clarity, to your loved ones. AND you will have a new, more exciting focus in your career and how you accomplish things. I have to say, this is pretty exciting stuff! I’m going to limit each class to only 12 people, so every one can get real attention.

NOTE: You will be responsible for an extra $25 payment to the assessment website I send you to.

                            2 Night Class at 4:30 pacific, 5:30 mountain, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern

                                    Wednesday and Monday January 25th and January 30th

                            By Phone

                          $97 for both classes

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Based on Mark Gungor’s book: Discovering your heart with the flag page

This class helped me so very much because I realized there is more work I want to do to become the person I desire to be. I originally thought there was no hope to make any changes in my way of thinking re to making self-improvements although I tried many times. This experience helped me to actually understand the whys or motivations of what I do or think. For me, I believe there is real hope to make the changes that will make me a better person, and, I am very excited about this possibility. Anyone who takes this course will learn more about yourself than you realize. I absolutely know I did. If or when it comes available to you, take the class. I can predict with reasonable accuracy, you will agree with me.  Patricia R, Phoenix

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