Divorce Mediation Arizona

There was a time when Divorce Mediation was an “alternative way to do divorce.” Now it seems that more and more people are clear that they do not want to give away their retirement or their children’s college fund to attorneys to battle it out in court, where everyone loses. This is where divorce mediation comes in. There is something very disempowering about taking your marital and custodial issues and handing them over to a 3rd party (Judge) to make a decision that will have ramifications for your whole family. I was part of that legal system for 18 years, and I can guarantee you it is no place for a family who wants to remain fairly healthy.

I believe that YOU can make the best decisions for your future and the future of your children. I also believe that you can find peace after a divorce. What some call tragedy can in fact be the impetus for personal and spiritual growth, AND eventually, happiness. 

I want you to look at this picture:

Divorce Mediation Arizona

14 years after my divorce, sitting with my ex husbands, current husband and son at daughter’s graduation

I put this picture here because I want you to see I walk by talk. This is me, my husband Kevin, my son and both my ex-husband’s playing a board game during the weekend of my daughter’s high school graduation, 14 years after my divorce from her father! The year before, my first husband came out and we took another picture of my children with both their parents. Think about this, BOTH my ex-husband’s flew in from other states, as did my dad, and stayed with me to celebrate her graduation. Kids from divorced parents rarely get their pictures taken with both their parents. Sad, but true.

Divorce Mediation Arizona

Most mediators consider mediation successful if an agreement is reached. I want more for you.

Mediation with me is the first step for you to be able to effectively co-parent after your divorce. If you have children, I look at it as my job to make sure that:

  • You and your family are able to communicate afterwards
  • You successfully co-parent with love and respect
  • You are able to appreciate one another’s boundaries
  • You are able to forgive one another and let go of the victim and blame game
  • You are both financially stable and no one is suffering
  • Your children are well taken care of at both homes
  • While you may not be friends, you remain united in parenthood and are able to present a united front for your children.

Mediation with me is different also because in addition to walking my talk, getting an attorney with 18 years legal and mediation experience, as well as 15+ years divorce and relationship coaching experience, I am not only taking care of your legal interests, I am taking care of your family’s future interests. You walk away from mediation with your held high, knowing YOU made the best possible situation for YOUR future.

“It matters to me that there are NO losers and that your children grow up as well-balanced as possible.”

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I know, you are not divorcing your children. But children do not see it that way. As a child of divorce, and I can be a voice for your children in your mediation/divorce. I have a deep personal interest in this as my parents did divorce very poorly. They fought every weekend and used us children as pawns in to express their own hurts and anger. I tell my clients that children are not necessarily destroyed by a divorce, but they do have significant problems if their parents keep the fight going. Stop fighting! I can help you with this.

My tag line for my mediation business has always been, “From Conflict to Creative Solutions” and I pride myself on living up to that motto.

Thank you so much for coaching my ex and I through our divorce! We knew that it was the right thing to do but after 25 years of marriage we had so much emotional baggage between us, communication was at best, strained. Your straight forward, calm approach and no nonsense style of conflict resolution was what we needed! We wanted to be FAIR to each other and feel that we BOTH are taken care of as we move into our “pre- retirement” years. You helped us accomplish that, and kept us from spinning our wheels, wasting time, and creating more stress. Thank you so much!!! I am so glad we could accomplish ALL this without the high cost of an attorney, sacrificing NONE of the professionalism and successful results for us both. You are awesome and I would recommend you to anyone seeking a peaceful, loving and fair resolution to their circumstances.                   Susan Rivera, Cottonwood, AZ

Divorce Mediation From Arizona but not Necessarily in Arizona

How do we mediate? Even if you live long distance, we can do this by conference call, skype and e-mail. Once an agreement is reached, I will send you what I call a Memorandum of Understanding. You will bring this to a collaborative family law attorney in your state who will make sure all your needs are met according to your state law and one of them will draw up the agreement and it will be filed with the court. NO court battle, NO positioning, NO trying to manipulate or control the other party and NO giving away ALL your money to attorneys.

The average cost of a contested divorce in the US seems to be $10,000 to $20,000. Average attorney fees are $275 – $350/hour for each party, together you are spending $600/hour to argue, rather than resolve. Because every mediation is different, I can not give you a total mediation fee. However, if you schedule a quick 15 minute phone call, I can give you a very rough estimate of the costs. I charge $180 per hour for the mediation work, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Every person going through mediation will receive the workbook, Transcending Divorce: A Guide to Personal Growth and Transformation. What my clients appreciate about my mediation style is that I am very straight forward about whether someone’s expectations are in alignment with reality, and I can help the couple to project how certain decisions will affect the family in the future. It is my belief that mediation attracts people who are ready to stop blaming the other spouse and are ready to make intelligent, reasonable decisions to create a win-win solution to their divorce.

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