Coaching one on one with Lori is a transformative experience. Rainbow womanChoose the option that works best for you!

~ All Coaching and Forgiveness sessions can be done by telephone, in person or by skype.When you are ready to schedule your first appointment, Click the coaching package that best works for you. If you are unsure which one works best for you, contact Lori at and we will set up a time to talk. 

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

Forgiveness Coaching Sessions:

Forgiveness Healing Session – Individual healing sessions are geared to meet YOUR PERSONAL needs. You will be introduced to the Living with Forgiveness 4-step Process, which you will find both healing and transformational. Once you learn the process, you can apply it to any area of your life. Lori’s unique ability to work with you from a spiritual as well as practical level helps you to view your “problems” with greater clarity and acceptance.

        The cost is $150 for one session. Sign up here 

How to Forgive Your Ex – When the time is right, and you are ready to release the need to be right in exchange for finding and feeling more peace in your life, this 3 month process is waiting for you. There is a process and it will take work. Divorce can in fact be your greatest gift.

Using the Transcending Divorce method, you will find clarity you need to take charge of your life once again.

In this 3 month healing journey, you will learn

  1.  How to let go of blaming your ex and feeling like a victim by creating a new vision with more empowering perspectives.
  2.  How to deal with the loss of future dreams.
  3.  How to change the way you view your marriage and divorce.
  4.  How to change the way you view the effects the divorce has on your children, as well as skills on how to help your children through the transition.
  5.  How to embrace your future
  6.  How to forgive your ex, your family, friends, and even children. The truth is, divorce is a process that affects everyone in your life and you will receive tools to help you handle others.
  7.  How to take personal responsibility for your piece in the breakup as well as learning how to forgive yourself.
  8.  How to view your marriage and divorce from a higher spiritual perspective and come into pure acceptance of your situation.

$997 when paid in full, or $427/month (The book, Transcending Divorce: A Guide for Personal Growth and Transformation is included as my gift to you!)     Sign up here 


Forgive Yourself – A courageous one month journey to deepening self-love and learning how to let go of the guilt and self-blame that has blocked you from reaching your full potential. In one month you will learn how to start building your forgiveness muscles, how self-blame causes illness in your body, the motivators to release guilt, and most importantly, you will understand the big picture and learn other ways to view this painful situation that you find yourself in. This truly is one of the most beautiful and spiritually healing processes you can do for yourself.

Cost for this life-long healing process is $497  Sign Up Here 

Transformational Coaching with Lori:

Transformational Coaching: Lori is skilled at the transformational work that comes with desiring personal and spiritual growth. Typically, when our world is being rocked or shattered to its foundation, we start asking those really big questions like “what is my purpose? What is next for me? or How do I keep attracting the same loser in my life over and over again?” Whether you are having one of these “wake up call” experiences, or are simply asking your own questions, “who am I? What is my Passion? How can I really live my dreams and still pay the bills?” Lori’s 18 year expertise as a coach and agent of change can help you step up and discover these answers.PCC_WEB

If you are shaking your head YES…then this is it! The time is now…what are you waiting for? As YOUR personal life coach, Lori holds you big… knowing you can live your life in bliss, doing exactly what you are meant to do, rather than according to all those “shoulds” that are placed upon you by others.

Most clients will work with Lori from 3-6 months, and then come back on an “as-needed” basis. The goal of coaching is self-empowerment, not co-dependency. Coaching is all about taking charge of your own life, and Lori’s guidance will help you find and stay on track!

      $333 monthly for 3 sessions/month  Sign up Here  

Hello my fantastic life coach!!!  I am still amazed and awed by the manifestation that I was able to bring about.  What a great idea you had to go in baby steps to overcome my ingrained fears of financial failure.  The affirmation of “My needs are always met” was absolutely perfect to break through my barriers. And within less than twenty four hours, I had three calls that will bring in over $200 immediately!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your keen insight and uncanny sense of what will work with me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Laura Pokorny, Sedona, AZ

Single Decision-Making Coaching Sessions: There are times in life when we just need guidance from someone who is unbiased and can help us see our lives from a higher perspective. That’s where Lori comes in. These personal single sessions can help you see all the ramifications and options to help you make important decisions such as:

  1.  Do I stay married or get divorced.
  2.  Do I stay with the person I am dating or leave.
  3.  How do I deal with my parents, children, co-workers, boss, professor, etc.
  4.  What career path would be best for me right now?

Please recognize that all your problems and questions may NOT be solved in one session so you may need multiple sessions. If this is the case, we can discuss it on your first call. 

      $150/session  Sign Up Here 

Often, while on the path of self-discovery, we need a nudge or someone to give us a bit of clarity, or a shining light to lead the way. That’s what Lori does. She realizes the path is within each of us but from her viewpoint she can point us in the direction we need to go, especially when we can not see it on our own. She helps to tear down the mountains we build with love and understanding.        Lori Jasna, Roseburg, OR

Having Lori as my life coach has helped tremendously in realizing the potential I have in living my dreams.  Trying to build my home-based business and working 40 hours at another job for someone else has been more than challenging.  But through Lori’s coaching I was able to cut back the hours on my 9 to 5 JOB and focus on the passion I have for my home-based business.  Lori has truly helped me find clarity and direction in my life.  Kathy Palmer, Camp Verde, AZ

Soul Regression Therapy:

(In-person only)

As a certified Soul Regression Therapist with the International Between Lives Regression Network, Lori believes that we are spirit, we are souls coming to earth to have a human experience, and that it is through these lifetimes of incarnations that our souls grow and gain wisdom.

A Regression can

  1.  Help you speed up your soul development by giving you a clear understanding of your life purpose
  2.  Help you move into alignment with the values of love, spirit, compassion, wisdom, acceptance and faith.
  3.  Help you understand that things are the way they are meant to be by showing you the greater meaning behind your relationships and personal circumstances.
  4.  Help you answer the BIG questions, why you are here, what your life purpose is, why you chose your parents, children, spouses and what you are supposed to learn from all these experiences.
  5.  Explain and literally heal phobias, confusion, physical pain, life-long patterns that do not serve us, and many fears and triggers that our rational minds can not explain or understand.
  6.  Heal and answer questions that years of talk therapy simply can not touch. Our rational minds just can not know that we are afraid of water because we drowned in a prior life.

We learn that we are not alone. That we have a guide (or a few guides) who love us unconditionally. We experience that love.

An in-between life regression can be a tool of energetic healing. We literally go to the 5th dimension or beyond, where we can heal past life traumas and karmas. Imagine knowing who you truly are, as a soul, who your primary soul mates are, what your soul archetype is, and knowing that you are in fact on the right path, and knowing what is important about your life right now. I can tell you that often people are reminded, and it’s a good reminder, that our career, what we do is not as important as who we are being. Intellectually we might already know that, but getting this information from the spirit world is a whole other matter.

A past life soul regression is $225  Sign Up Here 

An In-between Life Regression is $395.  Sign Up Here    

(Please note an In-between Life Regression can only be done after someone has experienced a past life regression.)