A Thanksgiving Prayer (based on prayers from Illuminata by Marianne Williamson)

We give thanks today, on this day of thanksgiving, remembering in our hearts the principles this country was founded upon. Hope and Goodness, a melting pot of immigrants all seeking a better life, finding freedom and peace in being able to express their own holiness within. May violence and darkness be cast out of our midst and hatred no longer find fertile ground in which to grow, and may our nation discover the light needed to be repaired and forgiven. In this way, may we all become an instrument of your peace.gratitude

We have lost our way, there is so much danger in the world, so much insanity. We ask that we be cleansed of all destructive thoughts. May Judgment of others, bigotry, racism, sexism and intolerance be washed clean from our hearts and may our minds be filled with thoughts of unconditional love and acceptance for all people

May this nation be forgiven and its transgressions against the African-American, the Hispanic, the Native American, and the nations of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as our men and women who should not have suffered or died there, and all families who have suffered as a result of these interventions, please bless their souls and may we learn from our mistakes that people who have died from them shall not have died in vain.

We know we are truly blessed, and we are grateful for these blessings in our lives. (go around and share blessings

This Thanksgiving, please use it to heal us personally, in our community, as a nation and as the people of earth, to lift us from our past, as we surrender to you the pain we are all currently suffering, and we THANK you and bless everyone here today, so it is, amen.

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