Divorce Coaching: I bring you the professional advice of 18 years experience as a Divorce Attorney, as a Divorce Mediator with over 12 years experience, and as a Divorce Coach and Teacher of Transcending Divorce Workshops for over 10 years. I am the teacher of Divorce Recovery Coaches for the Impact Coaching Academy. 

While I might have all the education you’d love in a divorce coach, you also greatly benefit from my personal life experience! I was a child of divorced parents, with a step-father, step-mother, and half sisters. As an adult I have been twice married and divorced. I have been a single mom, I have had a husband be a step father to my children, and I have been a step parent to my husband’s children.  In other words, I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED divorce from every angle.  I view my life experiences as gifts, so I can be there for you, as your personal and professional Divorce Coach, to support you during and after your transformation.

14 years after my divorce, sitting with my ex husbands, current husband and son at daughter's graduation

14 years after my divorce, sitting with my ex husbands, current husband and son at my daughter’s graduation

As your Divorce Coach, I will not only coach you on legal issues, but will be your guide for GROWING emotionally and spiritually through this process.  I will help you see the gifts of the marriage, view the possibilities of the future, and live healthily in the present. My coaching philosophy is that while I am there 100% for you, I will help you to see that truly, all answers are within.  I hold my clients as whole, healthy, creative and resourceful and I am ready to take the leap into the future with you.

Some benefits you will experience with Divorce Coaching are:

  • Clarity about your life 
  • Your thinking will be more clear
  • New options and perspectives
  • Hear and listen to your intuition (inner voice)
  • Building a support network
  • Re-connecting with old friends and family members
  • Evolving spiritually 
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Beliefs move from victim mentality to being in control
  • Understanding of the legal process during divorce – what you can and cannot change
  • The choices you have as to how to respond to your former spouse
  • Creating a new relationship with your former spouse
  • Clarity of how your behavior impacts your children
  • Help with the attorney/client relationship
  • Self-care goals 
  • Improvement of your financial stability 
  • Improved relationships and developing greater trust
  • Forgive not only your spouse, but yourself for your role in the marriage

As I said above, I am the Trainer of Divorce Coaches for IMPACT COACHING SCHOOL so you are assured of getting the top of the line coaching to meet your needs.  

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