Welcome to Lori Rubenstein’s special gift page for participants in Barbara’s Relationship Summit: Creating Love to Last! I’m so happy you made your way to this page and that I can GIVE you a FREE audio that I call Forgiveness and Boundaries

This is a Short Audio Class where I teach you how to decide whether boundaries are needed, how to know whether your boundaries are being violated, 5 things to keep in mind when setting boundaries and finally how to set up your own boundaries. This class is not just about how to say no, but how to honor yourself AND your relationship. I love to remind people that “Forgiveness does not require anyone to be a doormat.” 

We are all on a journey through this adventure of finding and building love in our lives. As a relationship coach and forgiveness teacher, I would be honored to assist you on this journey! 

Additionally, just for being part of this summit, you can take advantage of a special 50% off a forgiveness session by letting me know that you were part of “the relationship summit!” This means $75 rather than the usual $150 fee! 

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