In June 2011, Congressman Anthony Weiner made national news sexting a picture of his penis in boxer shorts. Immature? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. Humiliating for his wife? I would think so. He promised to never do anything like this again. 

Then in 2012 he appeared with his wife and child in a national news magazine saying he is a new man.

This summer, 2013, the news came out that he continues sexting anywhere from 3 to 10 other women, sending explicit messages and pictures of his now naked penis, which I assume he is very proud of, and this becomes national news. With his wife standing next to him yet again, he says he is getting help for this but it is not an addiction. 

So I have to question if this is not an addiction, why can’t he stop? And, just how much time is this man spending sexting pictures and lewd sexual descriptions to 10 different women? Men tell me that one woman is about all they can handle! When does he have time to work? I have to question why in the world anyone would vote for this, dare I say, man? His lack of integrity is appalling and to trust him New Yorkers would have to be incredibly naive, which I know them not to be!

Yes, men in power have huge egos and think they are beyond the rules written for the rest of us. We know this, but usually the dirt comes out after they are in office, not progressively over a 2 year period leading to one of the largest mayor races in the country.

So Forgiveness. What does this teacher have to say about forgiveness and Anthony Weiner? It is important in deciding to forgive to remember that you are still allowed to have boundaries, protect yourself, stay safe and make wise decisions. 

As a man, we can all see Weiner is a rather pathetic replica of a man. We can in fact feel sorry for him and his lovely wife, as they are clearly struggling with some serious issues. He needs to face the severity of his problem.

We can forgive him, but we do not have to trust him. And, we do not need to be the Karma Police. Forgiveness does not mean forget. Forgiveness does not mean to stupidly trust. Forgiveness means to accept the fact that he has a problem, and with that being said, we can let go of the need to punish, to retaliate, to change what has been done. 

Mr. Weiner, I for one can forgive you, but I would never vote for you. 


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