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This awesome Forgiveness 101 class was originally on another education network, but is now available here. . Lori’s 4-step Living with Forgiveness process teaches you how to forgive in 4 lessons. In 4 different chapters, you will learn the following:

  1. What forgiveness is…and what it is not

  2. Why it is so important to forgive

  3. 10 very helpful tools and concepts when it comes to forgiveness

  4. An overview of Lori’s 4 step Living with Forgiveness process

Plus, you’ll receive a bonus meditation audio that will help you deepen your forgiveness process!

All for only $36! AND all in under 2 hours!

Why do I do this? Because honestly, there is nothing more important to me than you getting started on the path to finding more forgiveness in your life. I am sure with this course under your belt, you will be solidly on the path to finding inner peace and letting go of any unresolved hurt, anger, or bitterness.

Click here to learn more about getting the support you need to build your forgiveness muscles. 

Forgiveness 101: Click here to get started! 

AND…if you love downloading Podcasts to listen to while you are driving, walking or working out…go to The Forgiveness Teachings for 15 minute segments that teach you even more about forgiveness, what it is, how to forgive, etc.