iStock_000005933808_Small (1)“In Relationships, two halves do not make a whole.

                              They only make two broken pieces.”

                                                                    Lori Rubenstein


Wholeness in relationship starts with a self that is whole and healthy. As a coach, I have tools to help you heal those broken pieces and take down the walls that you’ve put up to protect yourself.

If you are not in a relationship and want to be in one: The first step is self love and healing. The second step is to find clarity about what you want in a relationship. The final step, once you find that person, is to learn how to be in relationship, how to accept the other person, (flaws and all) how to not ‘lose yourself’ in the relationship, how to communicate and how to not have unrealistic expectations.

I assume you have had relationships before. AND, you might consider some of them less than successful. The most important thing to remember about past relationships is how to turn what you consider a “mistake” into an important life lesson. Then, there are no mistakes.

As a divorce attorney, I’ve seen thousands of clients move on and find true love, and happiness, again. I want that for you too! I’ve created a class to teach you everything YOU need to know about stepping into a new loving, healthy relationship. It’s really the BEST of everything I teach. Click here to discover the I am Petrified to Date Again Dating Package! I teach 6 classes about all aspects of dating, you’ll hear from real clients like you who have concerns and questions about dating, enjoy an audio and written transcript, as well as 4 bonus audios. If you don’t have time, or the finances to coach with Lori one-on-one, I highly recommend this class as a great option!

I love working with clients on all aspects of relationships. Helping people to be happy and joyful in their relationships is one of my very favorite assignments!  sierraboyfriendpic

If you know that you are ready to date, yet, you have a little more work to do on yourself, to basically clear up past hurt, anger, or bitterness, then I recommend the 28 Day Forgiveness Class, as it helps you examine and understand ALL your relationships.

It’s so important to remove all the barriers that get in the way of you having the relationship you want. Give me a call and we will get started right away to clear your path so you can find the relationship you deserve.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi 

Lori loves working with frustrated couples, to help them find that love, passion, spark, harmony, excitement, and peace in their already chosen, committed relationship.

Lori’s life is representative of her motto, “Life is short, now is the time!” Why wait to be happy someday? Relationships can make or break your inner peace and happiness. By stepping up, looking at your own issues, and getting clear about what you truly want in a relationship, you too can start really enjoying the thrill of a loving, fun, passionate partnership!

I take relationship coaching seriously. I am committed to your relationship growing and expanding and for you to find joy and comfort in your own love relationship. Click here to find out more about Couples Coaching!

Lori & Kevin! Awesome workshop tonight! You both provided important insights on healthy relationships that everyone needs to know! Please keep me posted on future workshops! You are both an inspiration to me!    Terra Sonora, Sedona, AZ


Lori is the most amazing relationship coach! My husband and I have been to numerous counselors over the years. We would attend the therapy session week in and week out with little or no results. After the first telephone session with Lori, the breakthroughs in communications was astounding! Previous relationship counseling mainly consisted of the therapists listening to us gripe, then asking us how that made us feel! With Lori, the constant feedback was not only welcomed, but always gave each of us something important to ponder. Lori seems quite intuitive which adds an even greater understanding of your issues. My husband and I could not give Lori enough praise. She helped us save our marriage!      J. Simmons, California