Loving Yourself: The Journey and Discovery of Falling in Love with Yourself

One of the common themes you will hear from me as we discuss relationship issues is that having a great relationship starts with you. If you are a happy single person, you will be way more attractive to a future partner. Knowing and Loving Yourself is the key! I talk to many people who have a vision of what they want in a partner, but have never stopped to ask the question:

“Am I the person who will attract the person I want into my life?”

I am not just talking about law of attraction stuff, I’m talking about action. If you want someone who is in good health, are you in good health? If you want someone who is light hearted, are you happy and joyful? BE that which you want to attract.

You’ve heard it before, and you know it’s nothing new: You must love yourself first before you can love another person and experience love in return.

Is that true? Then how in the world can you love yourself if you don’t?

I fought this theory for many years. I simply didn’t buy it because I had experienced many relationships and felt that I loved and was loved. After my children grew up, I found myself suddenly separated from a significant partner and alone in a foreign country. Guess what? I HAD to figure out how to love myself because I was all I had. If I didn’t start liking my own company, I would be miserable.

So, I had to change what I didn’t like about myself. And, as for those things I couldn’t change… well, I had to accept them.

As a life coach, I have tons of tools in my pocket; and since I’m a great coach, I knew I would be able to coach myself. So, I chose to make those changes and, shortly after returning to the United States, I reconnected with a former boyfriend (whom I adored and had never gotten over) and am now extremely happy. My happiness now comes from deep within myself and that, in turn, translates to all my relationships. I am no longer dependent on my relationships for my happiness and that is a great place to be.

It is my joy and honor to help you fall in love with yourself, thereby opening yourself up to finding love in all the right places, with all the right people, for all the right reasons! Come, take my hand, and let me show you the way to higher ground in love − and life in general.

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