Most people say they want peace. Who wouldn’t want peace? Peace within, peace on earth, peace in the workplace, on the playground, in schools, churches, homes, peace everywhere! You get the general idea…it is a large concept. I say peace begins at home. And by home I mean in our own, individual containers…our mind and body.

If you do not feel peaceful inside, you cannot offer it to the world or anyone else. Your body is your home while here on earth and that is a fact. I have studied being peaceful and the basic bottom line requirement is that you can’t make anyone else wrong. The instant we find fault and separate ourselves from another, it disturbs our peace. It does not seem quite fair, but it is the way it works. There are many different levels of participating in this world and someone used to making others wrong or judging, does not even realize they are participating at such a low vibration. The person just becomes used to living the way they are and know nothing else. They are not really paying attention. 

However, if we are open, loving, accepting, forgiving and willing to always begin again…second to second…we stand to have a much better opportunity to live a more fulfilled life. In reality, we can live the most fulfilled life possible because we are staying present in the now, where we begin again. The next time you begin to place judgment, remind your mind that you are not in a position to judge. Breathe, say “oh well” and go on to your next glorious possibility.

Love, Light, Peace ~

   Andrea Smith

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