Thank you for signing up for the FREE Monthly Divorce and Forgiveness Webinar! This will be held the first Tuesday Evening each month at 4pm pacific, 5pm mountain, 6pm central, 7pm eastern we will tackle a topic that is most relevant to helping you heal and find the peace you truly deserve. Forgiveness research shows what we already knew intuitively, that the stress of holding onto past hurts and retaliatory thoughts causes physical illness and disease. Forgiveness gives your body a chance to fight back and rebuild its natural immunity defenses. 

“Divorce is one of those times in life when everything we know comes into question. Our core beliefs and unhealed hurts come back to haunt us. It is also the perfect opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. In this way, divorce can be a gift!”  Lori Rubenstein

The subjects vary every month, you will not only discuss topics such as those below, but also get to experience personal coaching, if you would like:

Building Forgiveness Muscles

Building Forgiveness Muscles

  • Divorce and healing core beliefs
  • Setting Boundaries with your ex and your children
  • Dealing with feelings and living in the world
  • Finding your self-esteem and confidence
  • Forgiving yourself for not knowing better
  • Stress and Forgiveness
  • Releasing and letting go
  • Forgiving yourself even if you did know better
  • Forgiving In-laws and other family members
  • Dealing with Shame and Guilt
  • 4 Step Living with Forgiveness Process
  • Moving from Blaming others to taking Personal Responsibility
  • Forgiveness as a Choice…a lifetime journey
  • Truth Intimacy and Forgiveness 
  • Strengthening your relationship through forgiveness 
  • Divorce and forgiveness…from all sides 
  • Having FUN with Forgiveness 

There are 2 ways to join the call, on line through your computer by clicking here at the appropriate time (come 5 minutes early to make sure the system is able to stream on your computer:

OR by telephone: (518) 530-1840 and then use the code: 391-102-108

As you know, there are a number of books I’ve written that can help you on your journey:

Forgiveness Paperback:

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Divorce Book:

AND here is a free gift for you, it’s a class on Acceptance and Self Compassion…which all of us could use a little of: