“When the pain of your past follows you into the future, it is time to stop, reflect and make a choice. Do you continue to repeat the past hurts with your obsessive thoughts, or forgive, allowing yourself to step into a future free from anger, resentment, bitterness and guilt? The choice is yours.”                                                                                             Lori Rubenstein

Forgiveness is the difference between struggling over, around or through the issues that can create near paralysis or simply having them dissolve before your eyes. And it is true that YOU have complete control over the process. It is our choice to practice forgiveness and it doesn’t depend on the participation of anyone else. Building your forgiveness muscle is imperative for healthy relationships.


Lori’s 4-step “Living with Forgiveness” process teaches you how, and her monthly support groups will keep you on track. You can easily remember the process by thinking about playing with a dog with a rope in it’s mouth and it is saying ARGG!!!!

Forgive Daily! It’s a practice highly prescribed by those in successful marriages. My process makes it easy… Certain attributes are vital in all healthy relationships, and love, while necessary, is not sufficient. A conscious spiritual partnership includes

  • Speaking your truth with Grace
  • Listening to your partner with spiritual ears
  • Creating and respecting each other’s boundaries
  • Compromising with a loving heart, not with a martyr’s
  • Giving 100%, not 50%
  • Committing to not making assumptions
  • Knowing your mate’s love language and filling their love tank often
  • Forgiving often, as you would like to be forgiven

Unforgiveness blocks out your ability to be the best you can be. Having a healthy relationship is all about personal self growth and the power of Forgiveness, of ourselves and others, and is a powerful tool for our soul’s progression.

“Lessons are not forced upon us. We are co-conspirators and co-designers of our personal growth experiences here on earth.” Lori Rubenstein

Click here to learn more about getting the support you need to build your forgiveness muscles.

AND…if you love downloading Podcasts to listen to while you are driving, walking or working out…go to The Forgiveness Teachings for 15 minute segments that teach you even more about forgiveness, what it is, how to forgive, etc.