Getting Through A Divorce

Are you wondering how to get through a divorce?

Are you asking, “should I get divorced?”

Decision making during a divorce is tough. Divorce Coaching and Mediation are good alternatives to the traditional attorney adversary system. Getting through a divorce is one of the toughest life transitions we go through. If you are looking into ways to resolve your divorce peacefully, it’s good you’ve found your way here.

Let’s get together and talk about whether divorce coaching is for you. If you would like an initial consultation, or know you are ready to coach, just go to my calendar and schedule an appointment:

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I am committed to bringing you quality advice and in assisting you to explore all your options during this moment in your life.  My belief is that Divorce can be a Gift; and I can help you figure out how you can step into this new perspective and take control back over your life.

I bring you the professional advice of 18 years experience as a Divorce Attorney, as a Divorce Mediator with over 12 years experience, and as a Divorce Coach and Teacher of Transcending Divorce Workshops for over 10 years.  I teach and certify others to become divorce coaches through Impact Coaching Academy

“Lori is a fabulous teacher because she saw through students when they just answered questions just to answer the questions. She is a real person and she wanted real answers. For me the class at first was hard to face my feelings. Lori helped me face the facts and move on. She made me feel comfortable so I could share. Lori is very kind , bright, and knowledgeable teacher. I feel she gave me a handle on understanding other situations in divorce. Lori class made me realize that I did do a lot of things correct in my own divorce. Divorce Recovery class gave me an in sight into custody issues with children. At first I was not sure that I could face some of the issues we talked about but with Lori’s guidance I am very happy I took the class.. Thank you Lori for helping me open up my eyes to many situations that my arise in the future.”    Ronna Multack, Illinois Certified Divorce Recovery Coach

“As a former student enrolled in the outstanding Impact Coaching Academy, I had numerous choices of classes from which to select. Because my interest is learning more about life transitions, I decided to enroll in the Divorce Recovery class taught by Lori Rubenstein. It was in this class where I gained knowledge beyond my expectations about this difficult life adjustment. Lori, is an experienced divorce recovery coach, an exceptional teacher and a former divorce attorney. She presents concepts clearly and with thoughtful insight, she shares her personal wisdom. “Transcending Divorce” authored by Lori is a first rate book and a perfect addition to her well planned course workbook. You will not be disappointed if you decide to take the Divorce Recovery class with Lori.”       Patricia Reeder, Phoenix, AZ Certified Divorce Recovery Coach


Additionally, I bring you my personal life experience as a child of divorced parents, with a step-father, step-mother, and half sisters. As an adult I have been twice married and divorced. I’ve been a single mom, I’ve had a husband be a step father to my children, and I’ve been a step parent to my husband’s children.  In other words, I have seen divorce from every angle!  I view my life experiences as gifts, so I can be there for you, as your personal and professional life coach, to support you during and after your transformation.

As your Divorce Coach, I will not only coach you on legal issues, but will be your guide for GROWING emotionally and spiritually through this process.  I will help you see the gifts of the marriage, view the possibilities of the future, and live healthily in the present. My coaching philosophy is that while I am there 100% for you, I will help you to see that truly, all answers are within.  I hold my clients as whole, healthy, creative and resourceful and I am ready to take the leap into the future with you. Getting through a divorce doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.


Some benefits you will experience with Divorce Coaching are:     

Getting Through a Divorce

Divorce Can be a Gift!

Clarity about your life            Your thinking will be more clear            New options and perspectives            Hear and listen to your intuition (inner voice)
Building a support network            Re-connecting with old friends and family members            Evolving spiritually            Take responsibility for your own actions
Beliefs move from victim mentality to being in control            Understanding of the legal process during divorce – what you can and cannot change
How getting through a divorce can be viewed as a gift            The choices you have as to how to respond to your former spouse             Self-care goals                                           Creating a new relationship with your former spouse            Clarity of how your behavior impacts your children            Help with the attorney/client relationship
Improvement of your financial stability            Improved relationships and developing greater trust                                                                                                                                     Forgive not only your spouse, but yourself for your role in the marriage

The picture below is the result of a choice, a choice to forgive and to put our children first. You have ex spouses and ex in-laws, new spouses, all loving and appreciating the celebration of the new baby’s 1st birthday. If you want this for yourself, you can have it!

Grandparent and exs

What Lori’s clients say about her

“You gave me the most sacred words of my life in inspiring me to see the ‘high road’ was the best choice for myself. I have never forgotten your words and their meaning and will feel eternally grateful for the spirit in which you gave them. … Thank you for your presence. You have been blessed with the gift of ‘essence’ – it radiates in all you embrace.” Shannon V.

“I was totally unprepared for the avalanche of emotions that were released when facing the end of my twenty year marriage.  I was really frightened and overwhelmed by all the changes that I had to make and by how it would affect the lives of my children. 

Fortunately, a friend told me about Lori and how she helped coach people through the process.

Once I started working with Lori, and doing the assignments she gave me from her book, Transcending Divorce, I turned a huge corner.  From my very first conversation with Lori, I knew she “got it.”  Lori listened attentively, with compassion, but also with the conviction that along with all the challenges, there was a profound opportunity.  I could move into a new place, and emerge into a more whole me.  It didn’t take long before I began to see my situation in a larger perspective and appreciate the real growth and acceptance that it brought into my life.   Thank you Lori!”  Alice D., Scottsdale, AZ

“Although I wanted none of my husband’s retirement, you outlined the reasons why I was entitled and you gently stood firm that though it was my decision to divorce, I was still deserving of at least a percentage.” Jeri P.

“Lori helped me through a rough time using her holistic approach, not just helping with the divorce and custody issues, but also a person who was hurting.” Marsha E

“Lori, You gave me the courage and hope to keep going when things were rough….You were there to deal with the pressure I was under when I was so overwhelmed and I won’t ever be able to thank you enough.” Kristy K.

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