There are so many forgiveness quotes that I just love. You may use any of these quotes as long as you name the author and the book they came from, Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve (2012)

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When are we really being foolish? When we allow the pain of the past to hurt us and control us today.                        ~ Lori Rubenstein


The act of forgiving is absolutely necessary in order to move forward, to achieve your soul intention in this lifetime. You cannot move forward if you’re holding onto pain and anger.     ~ Light Beings, channeled through Earl Backman Ph.D


On the way to forgiveness, I learned to stop blaming others and began to take personal responsibility for my life.          ~ Lori Rubenstein


Forgiveness crept in slowly in the dawn of dark nights. It stole past the regrets and made gentle the tyrant. Forgiveness became the absence of fear, the absence of regrets, and the absence of an attachment to how things should have been.                                                                          ~ Susan Shammel


And by forgiving him as well as myself, I was set free.                    ~ Michele Penn


When someone is in the midst of the pain of not being able to forgive, it is difficult for them to see that they are the one generating the pain and that they are also punishing themselves.       ~ Djwhal Khul channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon


Forgiveness of others for the pain they caused you emotionally, physically or economically, whether it was intentional or unintentional, is perhaps the greatest gift of healing you can give yourself.   ~ Saint Germain channeled through Tarri Otterlee


I realized that all those debilitating beliefs were based on stories I made up. By overcoming negative beliefs, we find peace and freedom. ~ Lori Rubenstein


One of the reasons nothing is unforgivable is because we are all ONE. ~ Lori Rubenstein


Your destiny starts right now, with the very next thought you have. ~ Lori Rubenstein


The concept that we CHOOSE our lessons and the major players in our lives was empowering. It took away the notion that I was a victim and taught me that I was a co-conspirator in my own personal and spiritual growth. ~ Lori Rubenstein


In this time of great transformation it is not time to procrastinate on practicing forgiveness.                                ~ Quan Yin, channeled through Debbie Dehm


No matter what anyone has done that offended you, when you can reach a place of forgiveness in your heart, all people benefit.  ~ Quan Yin, channeled through Debbie Dehm


What if my life was I the process of revealing itself to me, and all I had to do was get up, appreciate the woman I was, and believe in my own transcendence?

~ Susan Shammel


The pervasive pain caused by adultery goes deep, and it seems only forgiveness can open the door for healing to begin.    ~ Lori Rubenstein


It dawned on me. I was responsible for my suffering. In that moment, I chose to forgive her and forgive myself.           ~ Judy Chiger, MD, PhD


Guilt is anger turned inward. It is very harmful to the self.  ~ Djwhal Khul channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon


This is very important to know…those who are already on the other side have forgiven you. They’re not holding anything. They can’t really hold grudges.

~ Djwhal Khul channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon


To create forgiveness after death, go within and handle it from within. From a spiritual perspective, it’s not necessary to formally sit down face to face in body or commune with spirit and say ‘I forgive you. Will you forgive me?’ Forgiveness is done from within. ~ Djwhal Khul channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon


Forgiveness cleans the wounds and allows you to move forward with life. It begins the healing process. Forgive yourself for choices you have made that you blame yourself for or felt you could not control. Then forgive the other person for whatever they have done to you or towards you. Forgiveness is one of the most amazing gifts you can give in Life.            ~ Barry Costa


My whole world was flipped and I was blown wide open. I became silent like a monk and yet in this silence I found something more amazing than I could comprehend at the time: Forgiveness.              ~ Barry Costa


The ending of my first marriage started me on a spiritual path. I started asking those big questions: Who am I? What is my life purpose? Why am I here?

~ Lori Rubenstein


When all else fails, waking up to the understanding that we are all one, allows forgiveness to flow and healing, real healing, to take place. ~ Lori Rubenstein


We know that ultimately there is nothing to forgive, because it was a plan we created, a plan that enhances our own personal growth. There is no anger, regret, or bitterness when we remember. There is only gratitude and thankfulness for a job well done. ~ Lori Rubenstein


Knowing at the core of my being that there is a universal presence that is good and expresses through everyone helped me to recognize the good in my dad, despite his actions that night. Having an insight that if I hated any part of my father I was also hating a part of myself inspired me to forgive any and all judgments of him, which also led me to forgiving the judgments I held against myself and my mother. From this place, I was able to make self-honoring decisions based on love.              ~ Brenda Adelman


I continued to release the hold my righteousness and sense of right and wrong had on me. I loved myself too much to be steeped in that anger. ~ Brenda Adelman


In God’s eyes, the killers were part of His family, deserving of love and forgiveness. I knew that I couldn’t ask God to love me if I was unwilling to love His children. At that moment, I prayed for the killers, for their sins to be forgiven. I prayed that God would lead them to recognize the horrific error of their ways before their life on Earth ended—before they were called to account for their mortal sins.          ~ Immaculée Ilibagiza’s


Forgiving the Unforgiveable.  … We don’t have that over here, because it isn’t — because it’s an earth thing, that’s the only thing that’s coming to me, that these are the agreements that are set before you even cross over. And to one, what may be unforgivable is forgivable to another. These big “unforgivables” are the lessons that make you the person that you become, as hard as they may feel, as sad as you may get.                     ~ Akashic Records as channeled through Christine Laureano


Imagine being in a corral with the person/people that has caused you harm, pain or frustration. You are trapped with this person, to wander through life bound to each other, unless you decide to open the corral gates and let that person out. You release them from your space, from your energy field. It doesn’t mean that you condone their behavior; after all, it’s theirs to own and work through, not yours.              ~ Christine Laureano


Forgiveness, for me, means letting go of the energy that is keeping me bound to the hurt.   ~ Christine Laureano


My grandfather’s voice echoed throughout every cell of my Being, “If you tell anyone, I will kill your Mommy.” I kept silent and prayed to God to be saved and end my suffering.                  ~ Sharon Lund, DD


I realized that as long as I held onto my UNforgiveness of them, that the torment had a hold on my life and my well-being. I didn’t deny or try to minimize the hurt. I still felt it, but I no longer allowed the hurt to control me. I took responsibility for my feelings and wrote about them. I prayed for forgiveness, not only for them but also for myself, to find compassion and understanding. Through this forgiveness work, I was able to reclaim my power and dignity. ~ Sharon Lund, DD



The day I forgave the Nazis, privately I forgave my parents whom I hated all my life for not having saved me from Auschwitz. Children expect their parents to protect them, mine couldn’t. And then I forgave myself for hating my parents.                  ~ Eva Kor


When what we want is love, but try to force it through a shattered self-image, we end up attracting others who can only love us back to the extent that we ourselves are able to love!                     ~ Lori Rubenstein


What we want most in life is to love and be loved. But it is hard to love and be loved when we lack wholeness and do not love ourselves. ~ Lori Rubenstein


NOTHING is ever created without first being a thought. This is why having self-discipline over our thoughts is perhaps the greatest instrument of transformation of all time. ~ Lori Rubenstein


I am madly in love with the concept of forgiveness. We can move from hurt, through anger, leap over bitterness, and knock over resentment to find ourselves in a place of peace and tranquility. Ultimately, all this transformation is simply choosing to see things differently.      ~ Lori Rubenstein


I feel like I have wasted way too much time in my life concentrating on what is wrong with me, rather than what is right with me.  ~ Lori Rubenstein


GOD does not make mistakes.

God’s spirit is inside of you.

You cannot be a mistake.

You are a beautiful child of God.

Be the light you were meant to be.

~ Lori Rubenstein


Being able to forgive myself and open the self-imposed prison doors is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve ever accomplished.  ~ Mary Costanza


You are your own prisoner. Use your key and set yourself free!  ~ Lori Rubenstein

Believing that you are worthy and are, in fact, good enough, might start with the most powerful word in the English language: “NO.” ~ Lori Rubenstein


And the impact for not forgiving yourself is so detrimental to your soul’s progress.  For it paralyzes you.  It shuts you off from being able to love others.  Light Beings channeled through Earl Backman, PHD


Even though my parents said they forgave me for what I put them through, I never thought I would ever forgive myself. It wasn’t until they were both dead that the burden of guilt lifted and the seeds of forgiveness blossomed. ~ June Sedarbaum


Some people have a problem with Drugs, Alcohol, Sex or Gambling. My drug of choice was FOOD. I used food to self-medicate.  If things went badly I’d eat. If they went good I’d eat. If I was depressed I’d eat. My life revolved around food. I thought about food ALL the time.          ~ Robby LeBlanc


I learned early on as a child to eat my way through uncomfortable situations and abuse.                        ~ Robby LeBlanc


Being in forgiveness . . . is a place of balance within me that brings every other aspect of my being into balance and alignment.  I must practice self-forgiveness daily, similar to a person going through AA. This journey is about GA. Guilt Anonymous! There are still times when I must choose daily to forgive myself and move forward.           ~ Charlene Stutes


Forgiving others is far easier than forgiving yourself. I am my own worst critic.                                                   ~ Charlene Stutes


Guilt can be very sophisticated and often lies dormant only to appear articulately and divisively when you least expect it.    ~ Charlene Stutes


I learned that you do not have to be “happy or glad” about something that happened in order to personally grow from it. In fact, big growth steps seldom come from easy or fun events in our personal lives. Once we take that first step, the second one will be a bit easier.          ~ Charlene Stutes


Shame and guilt do not change the situation, and certainly do not fix it.   ~ Lori Rubenstein


A spiritual awakening, in which you learn to let go of shame and guilt, and choose to replace them with self-love and forgiveness, can move mountains! ~ Lori Rubenstein


Self deception is often what gets in the way of a couple reconciling. Having the integrity to admit what happened and to take personal responsibility for what happened goes a long way in relationships.      ~ Lori Rubenstein


Our mistakes are just reminders that we have veered off course a bit.

We can always recalibrate and reset our course!        ~ Lori Rubenstein


And so when people speak about forgiveness, they’re beginning to really understand the depths of the meaning of this word – it is forgiving.  It is “for giving” to one-self and to others the love that is necessary for the expansion of life, for the renewal of this world.  ~ Divine Union of Magdalene and Jeshua channeled through Aazura


There is no judgment in the mind of God.  That is a personal experience through the experience of the world of duality.  There is either acceptance and allowing, or judgments and resistance.    ~ Divine Union of Magdalene and Jeshua channeled through Aazura


And when you come back to forgiving one self, it has an exponential effect of all life around you that is honoring your God-self.  And so when you do this for yourself, you impact all those around you.  You impact the past, the present, changing the future.                    ~ Divine Union of Magdalene and Jeshua channeled through Aazura


The truth is YOU do not need to be absolved of your guilt by anyone else. Since God does not judge us and loves us unconditionally, please know that you already ARE absolved of all guilt.   ~ Lori Rubenstein


Living forgiveness means letting yourself off the hook and stopping the repeated and incessant self-abuse.        ~ Lori Rubenstein


Say the word “No” more often. Stop trying to please others. ~ Lori Rubenstein


Give yourself the gift of “good enough” and stop searching for perfection. It is not there.               ~ Lori Rubenstein


When a negative, self-abusive thought comes in, notice it and change your focus. Don’t spend time dwelling on it and trying to prove it correct.   ~ Lori Rubenstein


Play with boundaries, what feels comfortable, and what does not. Speak your truth out loud.    ~ Lori Rubenstein


Create a spiritual practice for yourself and connect with Spirit more often.          ~ Lori Rubenstein


Build your forgiveness muscle by forgiving yourself and others every single day for tiny things. That way, it will be easier to forgive the larger things.                   ~ Lori Rubenstein