Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve

By Lori S. Rubenstein, JD, CPC



Section 1 Finding and Opening the Door to Forgiveness

1. Creating a New Golden Age: The Path to Personal and World Peace starts with Forgiveness
2. A Course in Courage: Lessons that Teach us why Forgiveness is so necessary in our Lives
3. Forgiveness: The Key to Spiritual Enlightenment
4. Forgiveness Keeps the Doctor Away – Honoring our Health

Section 2 Forgiveness in Real Life Situations

5. Relationships – Our Greatest Teacher: Finding Wholeness and Peace through Lessons of Love and Letting Go
6. Forgiving the Unforgivable
7. Self Empowerment: Forgiving Ourselves and Forging Ahead Beyond Guilt and Shame
8. Forgiving God
9. When Forgiveness Isn’t Enough: Creating Boundaries with the Habitual Offender

Section 3 Living with Forgiveness

10. Building Your Forgiveness Muscle – Forgiveness Processes
11. Conclusion: The Journey Back to Love
End Notes
Self-Study and Book Club Study Aid
About the Author

“The past is over. It doesn’t matter who we are, where we came from, what Mommy said, what Daddy did, what mistakes were made, what diseases we have or how depressed we feel. The future can be reprogrammed at this moment.” ~ Marianne Williamson


“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.” ~ Marianne Williamson

I guess everyone who writes a book hopes it has a profound impact on the readers; I am no exception. Since there are many “forgiveness” books out there in the world, I had to ask myself, why am I supposed to write another one? I can tell you I believe spirit is working through me and is taking my hand and leading me. In fact, this book feels like a new lover to me. It fills me with love, passion, and excitement. I look forward to writing with “baited breath,” counting the hours until we meet again. Every aspect seems to come together, Divine Timing, Divine Guidance, Divine Cooperation of the writers, channelers, friends and the publishing. It is like a sacred marriage.

I’m one of those people who other people just feel comfortable enough to “tell me their stories.” I can hold the space with grace and non-judgmental love for their healing to take place. I’m told these qualities will come through in this book – hopefully you will agree.

This book is comprised of three sections. Section one expands our knowledge base about what forgiveness is, what it is not and why it is vital in our lives today. Section two gives real life scenarios to help and inspire you to do your own forgiveness work. In this section, each chapter ends with the 4-step Living with Forgiveness Process so you can see how it works. We are asked to practice forgiveness regularly so we build our forgiveness muscle and when the big whammies in life come our way, we can handle them with even more grace. Section three concludes the book with a number of other forgiveness processes and meditations. Play with these and see what works best for you.

In many of the personal stories in this book, you will be introduced to the miracles brought about by forgiveness. It is my belief that in this new golden era of ours, the energies into which we are stepping will allow us all to remember who we are at a core level: spiritual beings having human experiences.

When we remember this, our thoughts, values, and actions naturally follow. As we change our perceptions, and rise above holding onto past grudges, hurt, anger and fear, the energies and perceptions of others around us will naturally and miraculously also change.

The ‘living with forgiveness’ process you will be introduced to supports you in moving through the process of telling your story, acknowledging and accepting the facts of what happened; taking personal responsibility either for what happened or your choice in how to view it; finding the gifts or the lessons in the situation; and then being grateful for those gifts. Being able to stay in gratitude is a huge step towards enlightenment and being the hero of your own story. Living forgiveness is the first step towards living with the understanding there is truly nothing to forgive. Living a life in oneness means nothing happens TO us, but rather, FOR us.

“As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are here to learn lessons. We are truly a team, working together for our unified soul’s growth. Living as ONE means nothing happens to us, but rather, for us.”

The quote above is the premise of this book. I understand you might have a different spiritual perspective. There is room in forgiveness for all perspectives. Staying open, nonjudgmental and filling our hearts with acceptance is the key. Our destination is the way back to love, and we will all get there.

Many of us have heard of the ascended master Saint Germain. When I asked my friend Tarri to channel a forgiveness message from him, I should have known it would end up being the introduction to the book! Well, just read and enjoy and you will see what I mean!

Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself
Saint Germain
channeled through Tarri Otterlee

Let us begin by introducing myself:

I AM Saint Germain, an ascended master from The White Brotherhood “The Council of Light.” I have lived many physical lifetimes; my last was as the Count of Saint Germain. In that lifetime and other lifetimes, I was an alchemist, healer and spiritual teacher and, like each of you, I continued my learning and personal growth through life lessons and Spirit on my journey Home.

For many hundreds of years it has been taught to forgive those who trespass against us.

What does that really mean to you?

Forgiveness of others for the pain they caused you emotionally, physically or economically, whether it was intentional or unintentional, is perhaps the greatest gift of healing you can give yourself. For if you do not do this, or until you are able to forgive, you will be holding anger, bitterness, resentment or hatred in your heart and you cannot move forward to find inner peace, or a more fulfilling life for yourself while holding onto all that no longer serves you. Within this process, you must also forgive yourself for the pain you caused another person intentionally or unintentionally. Whether you want to recognize it or not, you did play a part in creating the bad situation/ relationship or allowed it, perhaps by giving your personal power away (not having healthy boundaries) or just making a bad choices. Of course, there are exceptions to this such as being a victim of rape, robbery, embezzlement etc… but this too, my children, must be forgiven so that you may heal your life and move forward to create happiness where suffering was.

Forgiveness is a great step in healing your heart and soul. The next great step is, never accept bad behavior again and learn healthy boundaries. Without both of these, you will recreate the same negative reality back into your life.

Those negative emotions of bitterness, resentment and getting even with the person you feel did you wrong, only hurts you. The other person usually has moved out of your life and on to the next lesson in their life. These emotional feelings are created by your ego mind and not your heart or soul, for they desire you be at peace and find greater happiness in life. Your life will not feel better and become whole until you heal and forgive others and yourself. This is in itself, a new path to a more fulfilling life with greater inner peace and harmony. Would you rather be right (the ego speaking) or happy the heart speaking)?

Forgiveness, as a part of your healing journey, is emptying your mind and heart of the negativity that was created there. You must now refill the void or your ego will make sure it will be refilled with more of the same that you have experienced. To refill the void with the positive, you may create a personal prayer and mantra to use daily. We recommend that you also add gratitude to your daily life. There is always something to be grateful for in your day, no matter how bad you think it was. An Attitude of Gratitude creates more blessings and good people to enter your life to be grateful for.

A good life is what you can create in your reality. But, if you remain in anger, bitterness, hatred or revenge, this will continue to manifest over and over again in your life. What you think is what you create consciously or unconsciously. It is simple physics; your thoughts are energy. It is this energy that manifests your life whether it be positive or negative. Forgiveness changes these negative thoughts and energies, allowing the new and the positive thoughts to come into your life to manifest a life filled with inner peace, harmony and love. Gratitude is the way to increase positive thoughts and energies to help you create a new life filled with love and abundance.

Is it time for you to forgive and release people, places and/or things that no longer serve you? Are the choices you make for your highest good, and/or the highest good of others? If not, then perhaps you have more lessons to learn from that person, relationship or situation that you have created in your life now.

Or, does your ego love the drama and negativity it produces?

You have chosen this life to experience the physical to learn and grow through your heart and souls evolution. This physical world has much duality and negativity to rise above, so we say to all of you, chose wisely and listen to your heart and your higher consciousness, which is your soul. Your heart and soul does not lead you down the same path that your ego does. Learn to be the master of your ego not the ego as your master.

Use forgiveness of others and self. Set healthy boundaries. Use attitude of gratitude. Your life is now in a positive shift.

This is 2012 The Great Shift of Awakening. It is your shift into a higher consciousness, to create a more abundant life for yourself and for the greater good of all people on planet Earth. Remember you are all from Spirit and will return to Spirit, so we say, “enjoy your journey Home”.

Namaste and God bless you all.

Saint Germain in great gratitude to our Channel Tarri Otterlee Sedona, Arizona

There is a piece of me that feels so honored to be chosen to be here today to help usher in this new energy. I feel a sense of responsibility to teach whatever I know to others. I am also like a sponge, soaking up the information coming my way from other sources. Living in the Sedona area, I am in the heart of spiritual energies and resources and I am fortunate to have the support of some of those resources in this book. You will be introduced to six channels from enlightened masters and spiritual beings, and you will read personal, heartfelt stories of forgiveness and transformation from those who have experienced it first hand. I hope you resonate with them and allow them to guide you to take the next step in your evolutionary path… on the way back to love.

May the natural progression of forgiveness flow in and out, weaving its healing power all throughout your life.