It’s true! Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve is finally here in Audio Version! It is narrated by the fabulous Shondra Jepperson and was mixed by my dear friend Kenny Star! Amazingly it is on Amazon for ONLY $8.99!!! Please download your copy now.

You will love the music, and hearing the meditations and visualizations that were put to music! Listening to the channelings and the brave stories as they come to life, well, it is breathtaking.

I want to thank the contributors with tremendous gratitude in my heart for sharing their stories. Without them, there would be no book!  Click Here to Order:  Forgiveness Audio Book

Thank you to Terri Otterlee, Mary CostanzaShelly White-Collier, Charlene Stutes, Becca Tokarczyk, Michele Penn, Barry Costa, Donna AazuraDebbie Dehm, Christine Given Laureano, Sharon LundSusan Mouchet Black, Eva Kor, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Dr. Judy Chiger, Robby LeBlanc, Brenda Adelman, Terri Newlon, Dr. Earl Backman,  Kevin Mauck and Lori Noble.


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