Here you go…the beginning of your journey into Forgiveness! I’m so excited for you to be here with me today! Enjoy the very quick introduction to the forgiveness class, and then go to the product page, also below, to sign up for the entire course, which is only $36. Yes, I swear, it’s the best deal ever, as this is the information that is truly life changing. And that is why I’ve made it so affordable! Click here and download:



Well, I know the quality of that video was not the best, but the course is amazing! It’s 4 audios and worksheet pages. And, you get to work at your own pace!

To order the full course for ONLY $36!!!, go here: FORGIVENESS 101

I would love to hear all about your insights, ah ha moments, transformations. Please write to me afterwards…I’m looking forward to hearing from you!