Date(s) - 07/21/2015
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Transform Your Business Relationships with the Most Overlooked Business and Leadership Tool: Forgiveness

GREAT leaders know that human development is as important as the financial bottom-line. Good business relationships are built by creating trust and partnership at a deeper level. Especially for Entrepreneurs.

“Forgiveness offers people the chance to take risks, to be creative, to learn and to grow their own leadership capabilities….Holding onto resentment, bitterness and spite is not what transformational leadership is all about.”

~ Manfried Kets de Vries, Professor of Leadership

Entrepreneurs must go out on a limb to achieve business success. You will experience hurt, betrayal, and not being taken seriously. How you respond is extremely important to your physical and emotional health, and the financial health of your business. As a leader in your organization, it’s imperative that to leave self-destructive behavior behind and to incorporate a more flexible, forgiving attitude.

In this short workshop you will learn why the most successful CEOs and Leaders use forgiveness regularly and why it’s important to add the tool of forgiveness to your savvy business skills toolbox.

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