A Thanksgiving Prayer 2016

A Thanksgiving Prayer (based on prayers from Illuminata by Marianne Williamson) We give thanks today, on this day of thanksgiving, remembering in our hearts the principles this country was founded upon. Hope and Goodness, a melting pot of immigrants all seeking a better life, finding freedom and peace in being able to express their own

Forgiveness in baby steps

Sometimes forgiveness is something we take for granted. Like if I get into a little tiff with my daughter, I know she'll forgive me and she knows I'll forgive her. But it's in the taking for granted that we sometimes feel bad. That's why it's such a great practice to take baby steps in building

World Peace starts with Inner Peace

Our minds create stories based on our past, our past conditioning. How we see the world is likewise dependent upon our past history. It's sort of like we don't even have a choice about our beliefs...as they get dictated by the past.  Is that true? What if we do have a choice?  What would it

Peace Day

International Peace Day is here - September 21st! What are your plans? If you are in Phoenix, please come join me at Storm Wisdom where we will explore finding peace within and how to really listen to our spirit when it speaks to us!  In Sedona, people will be gathering at the Stupa and at

Should Anthony Weiner be forgiven?

In June 2011, Congressman Anthony Weiner made national news sexting a picture of his penis in boxer shorts. Immature? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. Humiliating for his wife? I would think so. He promised to never do anything like this again.  Then in 2012 he appeared with his wife and child in a national news magazine saying

Seeing Your Ex After the Divorce

Having a plan is the best strategy for first time events after a divorce. Your heart is pounding, it’s racing. Your mind is mush. It’s hard to think. Taking a deep breath, you try not to cry or show any emotion. There is a slight tremor in your hand. You feel like crap and are