I find that I keep thinking about Bill Cosby and the abuse women, or were they children, suffered at his hands. I have been a Bill Cosby fan my whole life, seen him in comedy shows, from the electric company days, Fat Albert days, through the Cosby Show days, until now. Until just a few days ago.

How is it possible that a man who is such an icon, such a father figure, such a righteous figure, have done this. I understand innocent until proven guilty, but my gut says yes this is true and the women are not lying.

Like in divorce, when you discover your partner is cheating, innocence is lost. That’s what it is, a piece of what I always knew is no longer. Perhaps you feel this way too.

I was in DC a few weeks ago for a Shared Hope International Conference and I understand, even more, that rich and powerful men are very definitely in the place to get away with things that others can not, or would not, even try. Men buy sex from children, they use them, rap#e them, drug them, humiliate them, enslave them.

Somehow, it seems like those are men we don’t know. Of course, I do not know Bill Cosby either. But it feels like I do and it feels like a betrayal of sorts.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if he came forward, admitted what he did and apologize to the women, to the nation?

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