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Lori Rubenstein – Forgiveness Teacher, Divorce Coach, Mediator and Author

Creating Healthy Relationships Mending Life Traumas

SELF LOVE – Your Foundation
Learn how to love yourself and build self esteem and confidence. {Take The First Step.}

Let go of grudges, learn how to forgive others and yourself. {Find Out How.}

Is there is baggage left over from past relationships that influences how you interact with others?{Learn More}

HELPFUL TOOLS for Healthy Relationships:
Educational Packages, Books, Audio CD’s, Videos, and Newsletters. {Learn More.}

Learn how to heal from verbal abuse and domestic violence. {Healing Starts Now.}

Discover the new you and the gifts of separation and divorce.{Find The New You}

Learning how to forgive puts you back in control of your life. {Release & Move Forward.}

HELPFUL TOOLS for Mending Traumas:
Educational Packages, Books, Audio CD’s, Videos, and Newsletters. {Learn More.}

How do you forgive, let go of the past, and find the peace you deserve?

I know, it doesn’t feel very enlightened to be hurt, angry or frustrated all the time. You want to let go of the pain you’ve been carrying. Come with me as we melt away the pain with transformational forgiveness tools, allowing you to fully discover and redefine the person you want to be. This is a place where you can learn how to forgive and find that peace.

As a Forgiveness Teacher, I help YOU find peace by mending and rebuilding YOUR life. If you’ve felt like you’ve been on the edge, paralyzed by the feelings of loss, obsessing about and unable to let go of the past, or feeling guilty or ashamed of something you’ve done, I can help you open the door to self-discovery…what are you capable of, who you can be, and I help you, step by step, heal the wounds and rejoice in the gifts that come with forgiveness. What is the main gift of forgiveness? Peace!

I will help you embrace the truth: your losses, hurts, and pains can be the perfect vehicle for personal and spiritual growth, to learn how to trust and believe in yourself and to live a life in gratitude and peace rather than fear and frustration.

On the right, you will see a video of Lori teaching you what forgiveness is and how you can start Forgiving. When you sign up for the monthly newsletter (the button to the right) you will receive a Living with Forgiveness meditation/visualization as an automatic download, which you can use over and over again. This forgiveness meditation will absolutely bring you more peace!

If you are ready to get started, you may order Lori’s forgiveness book on the right side of the page or find out how you can work directly with Lori.

“Forgiveness is the closest we humans can get to Godliness. Through forgiveness, we learn how to have compassion and to love others as well as ourselves.” Lori Rubenstein

Latest Blog Posts

Forgiving Your Ex

Oh boy…the pain is so real going through a divorce. Especially when you really do NOT want the divorce. How do you forgive and let go? How do you move on? How do you stop feeling anger? Here are 5 steps that I think are critically important in moving on: 1. Take a self-assessment survey. By this I mean look at your marriage from an objective standpoint. Were you really happy? Was it what you really dreamed of the day you said “I do?” Are you the person you wanted to be by this time in your life? 2. Move from blaming to taking more personal responsibility for your piece. I’m not talking about “blame and shame” but more about where did you miss the mark and how could you have done better? 3. Forgive yourself and everyone involved. Now,

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Forgiveness in MP3 Audio format is here!

It’s true! Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve is finally here in Audio Version! It is narrated by the fabulous Shondra Jepperson and was mixed by my dear friend Kenny Star! Amazingly it is on Amazon for ONLY $8.99!!! Please download your copy now. You will love the music, and hearing the meditations and visualizations that were put to music! Listening to the channelings and the brave stories as they come to life, well, it is breathtaking. I want to thank the contributors with tremendous gratitude in my heart for sharing their stories. Without them, there would be no book!  Click Here to Order:  Forgiveness Audio Book Thank you to Terri Otterlee, Mary Costanza, Shelly White-Collier, Charlene Stutes, Becca Tokarczyk, Michele Penn, Barry Costa, Donna Aazura, Debbie Dehm, Christine Given Laureano, Sharon Lund, Susan Mouchet Black, Eva Kor, Immaculee Ilibagiza,

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Divorce Your Spouse – Not your Children’s Grandparents…A Guest Blog

When parents divorce, each member of the family is affected in very unique and personal ways. The age of the child, their gender, their relationship with their siblings, how close they were to each parent and a myriad of other factors all influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions in the months and years ahead. There are many others whose lives are forever changed by the complexities of divorce. Frequently overlooked and often tragically scarred are the grandparents. Custody issues are hard enough for parents to battle out. Few take into account the consequences for grandparents whose unconditional love for their grandchildren is such a healthy and rewarding part of normal family life. Once again this is a time for clear thinking on behalf of your children. Should they be deprived of the warmth, intimacy and loving support of

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